Pleurotus  eryngii   

Common: The King Oyster, King Trumpet,

A superior gourmet species rich in nutritional benefits. Excellent texture and taste throughout stem and cap when cooked.

King Oyster Mushrooms are great grilled, broiled or sauteed!

​​Products for  those who enjoy fresh specialty mushrooms  and for those who cultivate them. 

Mushroom Hill Mycotechnology produces organic spawn and  cultures for mushroom cultivation.

We produce mushrooms as well and will add new species to our culture collection as we progress. We are open to  requests for different species to include in our culture library!

​For those interested in growing mushrooms for a gourmet experience at home or just for fun, our Mushroom Grow Kits will be available soon!


Pleurotus eryngii  Culture Slant

King Oyster Spawn

​​​​King Oyster Products

5 lb bag spawn                     $ 25.00 


slant cultures                       $120.00

petri dish culture               $  25.00

​Plus shipping

​​Mushroom Hill Mycotechnology will be offering organic home grow kits 

​Coming soon: Grow kits for beautiful Pink Oyster mushrooms


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Spawn type

Sterile substrate  prior to inoculation

Myceliated Rye Spawn

Pleurotus eryngii

King Oyster Petri  Dish Culture

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